May 19, 2020

VSCode shortcuts that make more productive

VSCode shortcuts that make more productive

I realised that for a long time my main focus was centred around the code that I was writing (on things like performance, readability, using the latest and the greatest ... etc) but as I spend the majority of the day writing code, learning to write, navigate, refactor faster should be at least as important.

Let's start with some basic shortcuts:

These ones I use the most.

CMD + W: closing current tab

CMD + '+' or '-': making the window bigger / smaller

CMD + /: comment the current line

CMD + delete: delete the current line

CMD + F / CMD + SHIFT + F: search in current file / globally

CMD + B: toggle the sidebar

CMD + J: toggle the terminal

CMD + P + nameOfAFile: jump to a specific file by name

CTRL + [1/2/3..]: navigate to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd tab

CTRL + space: show suggestion

CMD + left or right arrow: navigate to the beginning / end of the line

OPTION + left or right arrow: navigate to the previous or next word

Next, the commands I wish to incorporate in my day to day flow:

CTRL + J: join multiple lines together

CTRL + tabNr: jump to a specific tab (tabs are numbered starting from the left with the value of 1, 0 is actually the last tab on the right)

CMD + OPTION + left / right arrow: jump to the left or right tab

CMD + OPTION + [ or ]: unfold or fold code regions

CMD + P + : followed by lineNumber: jump to a specific line number

CMD + G: jump to a specific line number (same as above)

CMD + [ or ]: re-indent code either to the left or right

OPTION + DELETE: delete previous word (instead of previous character)

OPTION + up / down arrow: duplicate the current line above or bellow

CMD + OPTION + up / down arrow: duplicate cursor

SHIFT + OPTION + up / down arrow: column selection

OPTION + DELETE: delete previous word (instead of previous character\

CMD + P + @ or CTRL + SHIFT + .: search through all symbols (in file)

CMD + P + #: global symbol search

SELECT WORD + CMD + D: select and edit the same words with duplicate cursor mode

Extra: my iTerm configuration

As a good IDE must be always accompanied by a few terminals I am going to show you my iTerm setup (even though it's pretty minimalistic):

What I did is to create two profiles, one would open the terminals from the upper part of the screen and the other from the lower part. The keyboard triggers are SHIFT + ` and  SHIFT + CAPS + `.

Further than that I use CMD + ENTER for entering into the full screen mode, CMD + D  / CMD + SHIFT + D for vertical and horizontal splits

P.S: the articles from which I got inspired:

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Edit: one year later after publishing this post; the following video really changed my perspective above VSCode: