February 27, 2019



Its logo is One for all and you are probably now thinking at the popular proverb One for all ... all for one .... and yes, they are related, you’ll convince yourselves of that in a few minutes.

Idea / Concept

OneForCode will redefine the way of working on tech projects. The base idea is that people are going to help each other in building their dreams, and they’re going to do that in the following way: They are going to share, to delegate smaller parts of their project to others ... but the catch is that in order to receive help from others, at first, they must give help.

Let’s say I’m a young developer, with a great app idea in mind .

Also, I’m very proficient in the back-end part, more specifically, databases. I really want to build my app but I do not have the entire know-how ...

I can use OneForCode, invest a part of my time to help other devs that need my skills, and after that I will be able to delegate the parts from my project that I do not now to others .


The inn-platform currency is the CODE-HOUR which will be a bridge to and from real money and its mechanism works in the following way:

When a task is delegated, the creator allocates a maximum number of Code-Hours he wants to invest (code-hours that he could have been gathered by first working on other users tasks, or by paying real money )


A bidding-like process starts between people who try to implement that task … they can all choose how many code-hours they request for their work


The creator of the task chooses the best code, and the payments and code transfer is automatically done

Also, due to the fact that 1 CODE HOUR of a senior programmer is not equal to 1 CODE HOUR of a junior one, I believe that this ‘virtual currency’ value is going to auto-balanced by itself and with the help of some future machine learning algorithms.

Other use cases

If you do not want to go through the entire life cycle (sharing -> getting back ) of the platform you can also skip to other use cases:

  • You can just make money by working on other people projects
  • You can just invest money for your project / startup and get the help you need using your platform


How my business will generate money?

  • By taking a small commission from every transaction that happens on the website.
  • From in-app promoting of projects

Conclusion / strong points

  • Gives people the opportunity to focus on what they really like
  • Accelerates the development of a project
  • Easy malleable for many use cases

Technologies used


  • Angular2
  • MaterializeCss


  • NodeJs
  • Stripe for payments

How to start

$ npm install
$ npm start


Project link