April 3, 2021

Astra Zeneca Vaccine - Symptoms Log

Astra Zeneca Vaccine - Symptoms Log

Ever since Covid-19 vaccines started to be available I immediately wanted to get my shot. One reason being the fact that I wanted to do my part in stopping the virus, wanted to make sure that I limit the possibility of infecting the people I carry about and of course, the thought of being able to travel in a few months without doing as much tests or staying in quarantine is really really a big plus :) .

I was scheduled for my shot on 28th of March for the 1st dose and 23rd May for the second.

Here are the symptoms following the vaccine:

day 0, 7 pm: Vaccine time

(Real programmers count from 0 😊 )

Absolutely no pain, no immediate effects for about ~6 hours. The process was pretty quick, no wait time except the 15 minutes I had to stay under observation after the vaccine. Kudos to the medical staff (especially for working on a Sunday)

day 1, 3 am: First symptoms

Woke up with pain in the hand where the vaccine took place, had a slight fever but I managed to go back to sleep.

day 1, 8 am:

Morning, woke up feeling 100% like a had a flu, immediately took a day off and just tried to rest, I could not be productive. Around lunch my fever started to increase and for the whole day it was averaging ~38.5°, peaking to ~38.9°, I was feeling tired and having a headache.  Took multiple paracetamol tablets and Ibuprofren. Basically this is how my body would usually react to the flu / a common cold.

day 2, 2 am:

After I managed to fall asleep for about 2 hours, I woke up in literally a lake of sweat (which never happened to me at this scale), but I was happy, after more than 12hrs of high fever, it was slowly decreasing to around ~37.5°.

day 2, 8 am:

Compared to the day before, I was definitely feeling better, but still, I was feverish ~37° - 37.5°, even though not at 100% capacity, this was a semi-productive day.

day 3, 8 am:

Finally, got a full night sleep the night before and felt that the whole 'sickness' was behind me, on this day I was able to do my daily 5k run.

I was quite curious to see if I would have any covid like symptoms that would make breathing during the run harder, that was not the case, this was a 100% normal run, pretty relaxing and quite enjoyable.

Going to add the symptoms after I receive the 2nd dose, looking forward to it.

ps: I am no medical authority